No Sew Tinkerbell Costume

When asked last year what my daughter wanted to be for Halloween, she replied: A Cow. (more on that in my Cow Costume in a Night post). This year she replied with one word. Tinkerbell.

It’s true, you can buy a Tink costume online or in any of those Halloween costume shops, but what fun is that!

I found a great tutorial on a new sew Tinkerbell doll dress from Kim over at The Kim Six Fix.

As Kim suggested, I adjusted it for my daughter, cutting 48in. strips (I bought 2 yards). I also used a Velcro strip at the top because I wanted to be sure it could be tightened to stay up. I considered using elastic, but happened to find Velcro in the exact color as my tulle – sticking with the new sew concept.

So call me conservative, but I didn’t want my daughter to wear a strapless dress quite yet, so I added ribbon to create a cap-sleeve effect.

Also, considering we live in Colorado and we are pretty much guaranteed snow on Halloween, I’ve bought a long-sleeved pink leotard to wear underneath. We already have some pink tights and/or pink leggings which will work nicely.

Living Large in the Middle,



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