A Little (ahem…BIG) Girl’s Room

We’re 6 months into our new house. The plan was to paint P’s room before we moved in, but moving 2 weeks after the holidays, in the middle of winter and while 8 months pregnant slowed us down šŸ™‚

P has always loved purple and green, so when we told her we were going to paint her room purple, her response was….”and green.” I’m always thinking about longevity and a purple and green room makes me think we’ll have to paint sooner, BUT hubby gave the ok – so purple and green it is. (Keep in mind, she added pink to her request, but we stopped at 2 colors.)

Since we didn’t get to painting upon move in, we planned for when the baby got here. P’s toddler bed became a crib once again for the baby, so she got a “big sister bed.” We had an old dresser that I love for P’s room, but its cream which is not an easy color to match. We found a cream color bed at AFW – not an exact match, but close enough for now.

We got the bed and then needed new bedding of course. I knew I didn’t want to paint all the walls purple and green, so I tried to find bedding to match 1. the current beigey-pink 2. purple and 3. green. And would you know I found it without too much effort!! I originally found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but they won’t accept those 20% coupons online and the store near us didn’t carry it in stock, but I was able to find it online through another vendor. Better yet, I had a coupon from moving and got it for $30 cheaper with free shipping!

Anyhoo, the beds changed and baby came and still…no paint. Finally, a few weeks ago, I bought the paint. I gave up trying to get a family decision and chose colors based on her bedding. So there they sat…2 gallons…for weeks…until this past weekend. We got the walls done and would you know it took no time at all (maybe 3hrs total). I didn’t prime and we only applied a 2nd coat where needed. Hubby has a steady hand and cut in without taping, so that saved some time, but look at the difference! The paint pulls it all together, I LOVE the character just a little color adds. I’ve always read it, but what wonders a little paint can do!

For an extra cute touch, I had P dip her deliciously cute little hand in the green paint and place it in a corner of the purple wall šŸ™‚

Living Large in the Middle,



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