My Cooking Philosophy

I’m one of those who really enjoys cooking – It gives me the chance to create something without experimenting or needing to invent dishes.

If you talk to my husband, he’ll tell you it’s better to stay out of the kitchen if I’m in it. I think this is because this is my time to forget everything else and create. It’s a bit meditative for me, especially when you get into the rhythm required to make a meal come together at the right time. (I must admit – this is NOT always my forte).

I’ll share some of my quick and/or freezer meals which we pretty much live off of during the week. My focus is on not spending a ton of time in the kitchen so we can sit at the table and have a nice dinner before bed time – that timeline can shrink at an impressive rate!

The items are things I like to make just because or for special occasions and may take a bit more concentration and/or time.




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