Spider Plants All Around

We need more plants.

I love looking at magazines and catalogs. They ALWAYS have plants everywhere, but, alas, I am not a green thumb. Mom had a spider plant while I was growing up that seemed to need minimal, and I mean minimal, care. So I decided to start there. No joke, right after baby was born, my girlfriend was over taking professional pics and said she had a spider plan she was trying to give away! Apparently, it was too big. So, the next time we were at her house we picked it up and brought it home. And there it has sat. I’ve clipped a few spiderettes (yes, that is technical name) and put those in water, where they remain today.

In reading online, it seems spider plants are some of the best air purifiers out there and they require VERY little care. So, until I can get more creative, all the rooms will have spider plants – I’ll just call that a theme from one room to another 😉 I was debating how to hang them because I don’t quite think macrame plant hangers have come back into style. Always wanting to keep it thrifty, I decided to use some outdoor plastic plant hangers I had in the garage. I cleanded them, primed them and used leftover paint from P’s Room and A’s dresser makeover. This was so easy and cheap. I only needed to buy more potting soil and the hooks to hang them.

Next up – spider plants for the master!

Living large in the Middle,




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