Rock Themed Birthday Party

I don’t mean, rock as in music, but actually rocks ūüôā

Every year, I try to come up with a theme for little one’s birthday based on actual interest, rather than fad. My daughter has a thing about rocks. If she sees them in landscaping, she ALWAYS has to pick one up. She likes big small and all colors. We even have a piece of asphault (or street rock) in our house! So, when it came time for party planning, I ran with it!

I like to send out invitations, but not necessarily write on each one. I played on words with and added a simple gem chart I found online.¬†I made a template (4 per page)¬† and had them printed at Kinko’s.

After cutting smaller quadrants, I pasted (with a glue stick) onto card stock I had also quartered – my paper cutter came in very handy. I punched 2 holes and cut ribbon about the width of the invite.

To get the flat bow, put both ends through holes from front and pull taught in back. Cross the ends in back and re-enter through holes. It’s that easy!

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Becaue there was no color theme for this party, I reused a DIY banner from her previous birthdays and finally put to use a tablecloth, plates and silverware I already had on hand. Very low maintenance and cost!

I went all out for her 1st birthday food-wise and have since shifted to an afternoon snack. Wanting to spend my energy on other pieces for the party, I opted for pre-prepped fruit tray and veggie tray. I also served cheese and crackers and pretzel chips and hummus.

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To stick with the rock theme, I put bottled water in a cooler and labeled it “Mineral Water.” I bought Capri Suns, a variety of soda and bottled water at Costco, however, I had a LOT left over and may re-evaluate next time as these are items we don’t typically have at home.

Finally, we had to have a cake! I knew time would be a premium, so I opted for one cake with accompanying cupcakes.

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I baked a boxed Funfetti cake and frosted it in brown. To make the “dirt,” we crushed oreos (with creme) and sprinkeled on top. To keep it “girly” I sprinkled some purple sugar all over the dirt. I bought some rock candy for the edges, but there weren’t enough, so I inprovised with Hershey’s¬†Cookies and Creme bites. To make the geode, we shaved the edge of a cupcake, frosted with purple and sprinkled purple sugar in the center for depth. We made gray frosting with a few blue, red and yellow drops of food coloring and frosted the edges.

My daughter loves purple and green, so I made purple cupcakes and the kit came with green and black sprinkles!

I wanted to ensure the kids could play at the park, but the activities we had planned were aligned with the rock theme, of course!

I purchased geodes from Oriental Trading Company that would be hammered open and kept. They worked well, but some were definitely prettier than others. Using a sock to contain debris was a great suggestion, though be warned, there will be holes afterwards.

Export 09202014 003

I saw a rock painting kit at Costco. This was perfect and the kids loved it, but be warned – the paint was NOT water based! Also, it was very difficult to find the right sized rocks – best bet is a landscaping shop. The rocks did dry quickly in the sun and we sprayed them with craft glue to seal them.

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I wanted to have a pet box (with breathing holes) to take, but couldn’t find any. I found the colorful boxes below on clearance at Hobby Lobby and stuck blank address labels on each one¬†so¬†the kids (or parents) could put their names on it. Each had a small toy and a rock candy lollipop purchased at Oriental Trading Company. After the activites, the pet rock and geodes were added.

Export 09202014 005

Party Girl Outfit

I played on the rocker theme and dressed her up as a Rock Star. I bought a shirt and some iron ons from Hobby Lobby. They had an iron on for “Rocks,” so I just eliminated the “s.” I also got some stars, so the front read Rock Star. I also got a “3” that I put on her back like a team number. I paired that with her purple tutu and Daddy found some pink star pants she already had…perfect!

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Rock On!

Living Large in the Middle,