How to Fold a Discovery Princess Play Castle

These are supposed to be so easy, but we have spent plenty of time trying to make this adorable tent fold up into the circular case it came into!

My daughter loves to play in the castle and lovingly refers to it as her “Baby House.” She’ll set up her kitchen (an old diaper box), pots, pans, baby bed. She’ll bring down her chair and even set out a welcome mat with a tree out front (aka the pineapple she does not enjoy touching).

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When it comes time to clean up, it’s all pretty easy, we flip the stove upside down and pile most of the items into it – including the castle where it can be stored in her closet for next time.

The tricky part comes to folding the castle. I’ve googled and was not able to find a good instructional video, so below are two methods I use – hope this save you from frustration!

Method 1

  • This is what is similar to the written instructions that I have a 50/50 success rate with.
  • Grab the collapsed tent (both rings) and twist both hands in different directions as the tent circles up.
  • Slide elastic band around to secure and slide into case with the poles inside, as well.

Method 2

This is a bit more complex, but seems to work pretty well for me. When the easy way out (method 1) becomes impossible.

  • Collapse the tent and flip over so bottom is on top
  • Grab bottom ring only on either side and bring your hands together (no twisting) Don’t let it pop in
  • You’ll see a piece that wants to curve counter clockwise near your hands, take that and twist in that direction. It will turn under the other side.
  • The piece on the other side of the initial pinch will curve and be placed UNDER the other two rings created.
  • The bottom ring should be folded now.
  • Turn castle over (I put my knee on the bottom ring to keep it form springing out again).
  • Repeat above steps for top piece.
  • Slide elastic band around to secure and slide into case with the poles inside, as well.

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