And then there were two

We’re big travelers. I mean BIG. We both traveled and studied abroad before meeting, but we have traveled a lot together, too, It’s always amazing how much traveling brings us back together. So, when our first came along, we vowed we would not let her slow us down and we didn’t. In her first 3 years she made it to 10 different states and even got a stamp in her passport (which is adorable, by the way). Now that there are two, a few things come into play: we now have to pay for 3 seats (airfare is only free through age 2) and we have even more stuff to take. Keeping this in mind, we were determined not to stop traveling all together.

If I’m being honest, our travel habits have changed since we had kids. You can’t go from dawn to dusk (or later) with little ones. It keeps us a bit more sane if we chose one activity per day and then leave the rest of the time for naps, swimming, walks or playing.

That said, we thought 3 months was long enough to wait to try out traveling with 4. We chose a simple roadtrip (3hrs) and it went well! We’d already learned a lot about traveling with our daughter, so we put that into play. We chose our driving times and routes carefully. We left after work, at night. Both kiddos were fed and in their PJs and slept almost the entire way. Plus, they slept while we unloaded the car and it was easy to put them to bed when we got to the hotel. On the way back, we left in mid-morning. We took a different route back and planned it so we could stop about 1/2 way home to have lunch and stretch our legs (aka Wiggle the Waggles out). With full tummies, they didn’t stand a chance and both slept for the remainder of the drive!

We chose a trip that allowed flexibility, but in just one weekend we were easily able to squeeze in 2 hikes with picnics, walking along main street, a trip for ice cream, swimming twice, bowling and a carnival – not bad.

The most important thing we did this trip was to put a Pack A Sport on our car. This lets everyone breath and not be buried in suitcases, coolers and Pack ‘n Plays. I love ours, its retro and red. We’ve decided not to paint it, but to tat’ it up with stickers from where we’ve been.

We’ve always traveled to far off places, but this road trip was nice. A slower pace. We might stick more with this for a while…but then again, maybe not. We have a trip to NYC coming up – stay tuned!

Living Large in the Middle,